Band History

The exact date the Band was first formed is unknown but the Band was competing in local competitions in 1885, including one on 26th August 1885, where they are recorded as competing as Tylor's Town in a competition at Aberdare.
On 30th September 1905, Tylorstown Silver conducted by J A Locksley competed in the Crystal Palace Junior Cup Finals.
The Band became known as Tylorstown & District Silver Band in 1920 and, as this was not a colliery band in 1942, the members were not in 'reserved occupations' and most of them were called up to fight during the Second World War.  This forced the disbandment of the Band from 1942-1945.

From 1945 till the late 1950's, local musician Evan G. Daniels conducted the band. Evan was well known throughout brass band circles at the time, and had much success with the band.

Tylorstown and District Silver Band, 1952
Tylorstown & District Silver Band, 1952.

Unfortunately, by the time Ken Feltham had taken over the conducting duties in the early 1960's, various circumstances had forced the band to stop competing. Ken however, managed to turn this all around, and by 1969 the band was once again at the top of the Championship section.

1978 brought sponsorship from a local colliery, and the band changed its name to the Tylorstown & Mardy Colliery Band. This lead to the band's active involvement in the miner's strikes of the 1980's, during which time the band was seen on television news reports all over the world. This time had a devastating effect on both the band and it's community. By the time Mardy Colliery closed in 1985, the band had no conductor, no money and was in the Third section.

Mardy Colliery march, 1984
 Tylorstown and Mardy Colliery Band leading the miners
of Mardy Colliery back to work after their year long strike.

Despite the odds, the players resolved to fight on. With the help of conductors such as Kerry Bowden (1987-1994), Ceri Thomas (1994-1996) and Laurence Harries (1997-1999), . In 1995 the band gained sponsorship from the Cardiff Railway Company and changed its name to the Tylorstown Band Valley Lines accordingly. In 2004 due to a reorganisation of the rail network  Arriva Trains Wales took over the sponsorship hence a name change to Tylorstown Band Arriva Trains Wales.  This sponsorship ended in March 2008.